Product and Interaction Design

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POP! - Making Bubbles Intelligent


Pop! is an interactive bubble machine that triggers a “POP” sound when a bubble is popped. The person stands in front of a cabinet-like setup where bubbles pour down for the machine which is raised out of sight of of the person interacting with the installation. There are no directions that say the bubbles should be popped as this is usually the first instinct of people seeing a bubbles float down.

The idea originated in our wish to create an playful interaction that transports the user back to a child-like state of fun and excitement.


  • The bubbles are generated by a bubble machine built out of acrylic, a DC power supply, a servo motor and a fan extracted from a hairdryer, all hooked up to an Arduino Uno.
  • The bubbles are tracked via blob detection in OpenCV.
  • Sounds are produced through sending OSC messages to access the Minim library in Processing. 

Project website: