Product and Interaction Design

Pop Pop

A remote scheduling system for setting daily reminders to make life more comfortable for people living at home with early-stage Alzheimer's.


Giving families of early stage alzheimer patients the support they need.

There is no cure for Alzheimer's, and most available devices that aim at making daily tasks easier are intrusive for the person's daily routine and a constant reminder of the disease they live with. 'The Art of Living' seamlessly integrates this technology into people's everyday lives.

Family caregivers can set up reminders through the web and upload images and sounds that, in line with recent medical research, can subconsciously trigger memories and thus enable the person to remember things on there own (e.g. make a phone call), leaving them feeling empowered and independent. Environmental sensors in the home tell the system if the those reminders have been completed and otherwise triggers a more proactive prompting should this not be the case.