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Collection of Press Releases


Fast Company ExistLiving Street Signals That Make People Feel Better About Their Neighborhood by Ben Schiller (21.01.2014)

PSFK: Crosswalk Sign Changes Its Message Depending On Who Walks By by Leah Gonzales (21.01.2014)

Complex Art + Design: America's First Interactive Crosswalk Sign Delivers Personal Messages to New Yorkers by Kaitlyn Schaeffer (25.01.2014)

Protein: Pop Pop by Jack Smylie (25.01.2014)

New York Observer: NYU Students Invent New York's Own Computerized Crossing Guard by Vinnie Mancuso (27.01.2014)

NYU Local: Don't Jaywalk, Because Robot Crossing Guard Pop Pop is Watching by Brittany vanBibber (30.01.2014)

Washington Square News: Interactive Crossing Guard Connects Walkers on Waverly by Cassandra Cassillas (04.02.2014)

This Big City: Sentient Streets - A 'Living' Pedestrian Signal of the Future by Sam Slover (09.02.2014)