Twist 'n' Race Detail

Why Twist 'n' Race?

The idea for the game came from our desire to explore the intersection of traditional physical board games and tablet games, both of which usually require physical movement though they do not require controllers of any kind. Furthermore the idea of a multi-screen game as a new approach to immersive gaming came up and we decided to explore this in our ideation process. 

*video courtesy of Vitor Freire.

How did we do it?

Twist N’ Race was created using a combination of open-source programming environments, frameworks, and production software. The game mechanics were created with Processing, an open-source programming language & environment. Twist N’ Race runs on two complementary Processing sketches:

  • One sketch that tracks the fingers on the multi-touch interface (iPad)
  • One sketch that tracks the rules and the different game states. 

The first sketch implements the TUIO library, which communicates with the second sketch when certain events happen via OSC (open sound control), a protocol for communicating among computers. Together, the sketches track certain events and trigger when the game begins, ends, and when either Player 1 or Player 2 wins. Every time a finger is placed on the iPad’s screen, a new object is created through the TUIO library. These objects (or fingers) are stored in an Array List within Processing, and are thus being tracked for the different game events.

The Processing code can be found here.




Alexandra Coym (concept, design, fabrication & implementation of scoreboard) Jorge Brake(concept, implementation of game board), and Vitor Freire (concept & implementation of game board & video documentation)